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Refine Technology, LLC, was founded in 1999 with a vision to develop and bring to market products in the field of animal cell culture.  In our newly expanded Pine Brook, NJ facilities, including ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Space, Refine Technology is now developing and bringing to market innovative products for use in bioprocessing and other fields.

Following the successful sale of our award winning ATF™ System product line in 2014, Refine Technology is now taking on the challenges of innovation in the field of single use bioprocessing with the introduction of our new CleanLine™ 1.5” Connector, tubing assemblies and the CORe™ Cell Culture System and accessories 

Designed for high throughput fluid transfer applications, the CleanLine™ Connector promises increased efficiencies in large scale sterile fluids management across media preparation, filtration, bioreactor harvesting, chromatography, concentration/dia-filtration, and bulk formulation operations.

The CORe™ Cell Culture System is a compact, complete, stand-alone benchtop stirred tank cell culture system, consisting of a user friendly controller and a truly disposable Single Use gamma sterilized bioreactor vessel. The CORe System is offered with USB data logging and both Ethernet and OPC UA compatibility.

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