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New Refine Technology YouTube Channel

Pine Brook, NJ – August 13, 2020

As the world continues to sell and market products differently and as a company seeking to bring awareness to two new technologies, Refine Technology has developed a new YouTube Channel to promote and provide technical details on the CORe Mini BioReactor System and CleanLine 1.5″ Single Use Connector.CleanLine with TC End

Click the link below to learn more about how we can provide bioprocess efficiencies in fluid flow management and in cell culture optimization.

Refine Technology YouTube Channel

Please subscribe, comment and come back to see us.  We plan to continue to develop new content and hope that we can get out to do more product demos soon.

CORe Mini BioReactor

Introducing the new CleanLine™ 1.5” TC Connector

June 25, 2019

Based on industry feedback, Refine Technology has introduced a Tri Clamp version of the CleanLine™ 1.5” Single

CleanLine TC Connector

CleanLine TC Connector with polysulfone rivets attached.

Use Connector.  This new version of the product adds significant versatility to applications where the CleanLine™ products can manage higher sterile fluid transfer rates. The TC end is a natural fit for many single use / stainless steel hybrid facilities that incorporate 1.5” stainless steel tubing and TC fittings without the need to reduce the fluid flow path in order to maintain flow rates of up to 290 liters per minute.  The CleanLine 1.5” TC Connector is also an excellent option for use with larger pumps, valves and manifolds which may have 1.5” TC ends.

In conjunction with the new connector option, the stainless steel bolt has been replaced by a long polysulfone rivet for a true single use product.  The rivet easily snaps onto the connector to create a secure connection capable of withstanding up to 80 psi.

We invite you to take a look at our updated website and product video which shows the some of the various application areas for the CleanLine™ Connector.  In an effort to continue using the Voice of Customer to improve our product offerings, we also invite you to take a brief survey to tell us what you think.  Thank you to everyone that assisted us in making these product updates.  We hope you will find them beneficial towards improving your overall process efficiency.


Refine Technology, LLC Establishes East Coast Distribution for new 1.5” Single Use Connector

Refine Technology, LLC Establishes East Coast Distribution for new 1.5” Single Use Connector

Company expects to gain traction for single use bioprocessing applications requiring rapid sterile fluid transfer.

CleanLine Connector Assembly

Assembled CleanLine 1.5″ Single -Use Connector

Pine Brook, NJ  – July 11, 2017.  Today, Refine Technology, most known for developing the award winning ATF™ System for cell perfusion, announced distribution arrangements with three companies to help promote and sell its new CleanLine™ 1.5” Single Use Connector on the east coast.  Refine Technology has partnered with Triangle Process Equipment in Wilson, NC, Accuflow Systems in Frederick, MD and Casella Process Systems in Barrington, NH to help develop the market for improved high volume, low shear sterile fluid flow rates in single use bioprocessing.

“We are very excited to be working with each of these companies,” said Chris Bartlett, Refine Technology’s Business Development Director. “Each company has unique strengths in the bioprocess and single use bioprocessing market as well as existing relationships with each other. Information and resources are shared along the east coast which is a huge benefit to end users looking for a comprehensive and efficient supply chain.”

With flow rates of up to 290 liters/minute, the CleanLine™ 1.5” Single Use Connector was developed to address sterile fluid flow inefficiencies with 2,000 liter or larger single use bags (SUB’s) that are constrained by smaller 1” sterile fluid transfer lines between process steps.  There are many other application areas for this new connector, which was launched in January 2017, including media preparation and transfer, upstream to downstream transfer, sterile waste removal from the process stream, connecting hybrid stainless steel / single use bioreactor systems and any other areas where rapid sterile fluid flow rates with low shear are important.

CleanLine Connector

CleanLine 1.5″ Single Use Connector

According to Erik Mueller, General Manager of Accuflow Systems, “The Cleanline 1.5” Single Use Connector will enable customers to efficiently transfer large volumes of sterile liquid media and shorten the emptying of large bioprocess bags from what used to take hours to minutes, improving operational efficiencies. The sales teams at Accuflow, Triangle and Casella will be able to offer this unique product across the entire east coast and support Refine by stocking the product at all of our warehouses.”

Refine Technology looks to continue expansion of its distribution network across the US and internationally, but views the east coast as a strong cornerstone to help build awareness to this new market for high volume, low shear sterile fluid transfers.


About Refine Technology, LLC, Pine Brook, NJ:  Refine Technology is based in Pine Brook, NJ and was founded in 1999 with a vision to develop and bring to market products in the field of animal cell culture.  Following the successful sale of its award winning ATF system for cell perfusion product, Refine Technology has been developing innovative technologies for the bioprocess and cell culture market that address unmet needs and inefficiencies. Refine Technology, LLC currently has several products in its R&D pipeline that are expected to be released later in 2017.  Further information may be found at:


About Triangle Process Systems, Wilson, NC: Founded by a veteran of the sanitary processing equipment industry, Triangle Process Equipment has dedicated the past 15 years to becoming the industry’s go-to resource. Immersed in the processing equipment industry, our sales representatives have a thorough understanding of the nuances of the pharmaceutical processing, cosmetics manufacturing, food processing and beverage manufacturing markets. By operating with a sales and service approach driven by problem-solving, Triangle Process Equipment delivers specialized solutions to the unique needs of disposable processing equipment customers. Further information may be found at:


About Accuflow Systems; Frederick, MD:  Since 2001, Accuflow Systems has been focused on providing its customers with “Quality products through Quality processes by Quality people.” Over the years Accuflow’s expertise, supplier network and product selection have grown immensely, but its service has stayed responsive, providing its customers with one-on-one attention.  Increasingly, Accuflow’s biotech, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing customers face the challenge of meeting stringent quality demands while keeping costs under control. Accuflow Systems understands these demands and has implemented a Quality Management System to confidently deliver you superior products at competitive prices. Further information may be found at:


About Casella Process Systems, Barrington, NH:  Casella Process Solutions (formerly Casella Sales and Marketing) has been a leading supplier to pharmaceutical and bio-tech manufacturing companies in the Northeast for over 20 years.  Casella specializes in providing technically sophisticated components and equipment for single-use/disposable and traditional stainless steel process applications. Casella’s longstanding relationships with bio-pharm manufacturers and OEMs have given it a depth of understanding of high purity and sterile manufacturing environments. Casella’s success has been built entirely on the quality of its service and the quality of the products it has selected to represent. Further information may be found at:


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