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Introducing the new CleanLine™ 1.5” TC Connector

Jun 25, 2019

June 25, 2019 Based on industry feedback, Refine Technology has introduced a Tri Clamp version of the CleanLine™ 1.5” Single CleanLine TC Connector with polysulfone rivets attached. Use Connector.  This new version of the product adds significant versatility to applications where the CleanLine™ products can manage higher sterile fluid transfer rates. The TC end is a natural fit for many single use / stainless steel hybrid facilities that incorporate 1.5” stainless steel tubing and TC fittings without the need to reduce the fluid flow path in order to maintain flow rates of up to 290 liters per minute.  The CleanLine 1.5” TC Connector is also an excellent option for use with larger pumps, valves and manifolds which may have 1.5” TC ends. In conjunction with the new connector option, the stainless steel bolt has been replaced by a long polysulfone rivet for a true single use product.  The rivet easily snaps onto the connector to create a secure connection capable of withstanding up to 80 psi. We invite you to take a look at our updated website and product video which shows the some of the various application areas for the CleanLine™ Connector.  In an effort to continue using the Voice of Customer to improve our product offerings, we also invite you to take a brief survey to tell us what you think.  Thank you to everyone that assisted us in making these product updates.  We hope you will find them beneficial towards improving your overall process efficiency.  

Refine Technology in Puerto Rico

Mar 16, 2018

March 16, 2018 – Pine Brook, NJ Refine Technology is very pleased to present LA Industrial Supply as its new distribution partner in Puerto Rico. LA Industrial Supply is a leading provider of high quality hygienic seals, sanitary gaskets, hose assemblies, valve, pump and filler machinery components in a wide range of high purity elastomer materials. CleanLine 1.5″ Single Use Connector LA Industrial Supply’s contacts and expertise in the field of biopharmaceutical manufacturing in Puerto Rico make them an excellent partner to promote Refine Technology’s CleanLine™ 1.5″ Single Use Connector in an area known for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We are looking forward to expanding awareness and use of the CleanLine Connector to improve sterile flouid flow rates in Puerto Rico. For more information on LA Industrial Supply and their product offerings, please visit their website at: LA Industrial Supply For more information on Refine Technology and the CleanLine™ 1.5″ Single Use Connector, please visit us at: Refine Technology   Chris Bartlett Business Development Director Refine Technology +1-973-962-0002 ext 302  

New Distribution Partners for Refine Technology in Europe

Jan 22, 2018

January 22, 2018 Refine Technology is pleased to announce new partnerships in Europe for the promotion and sale of the CleanLine™ 1.5” Single Use Connector. The company has appointed several of the Indutrade group of companies as distribution partners. Indutrade is an international industrial group that sells high-tech products and solutions helping customers to improve their own products as well as streamline their own production processes. The continued expansion of sales channels in Europe represents a strong indication of the adoption potential for Refine Technology’s unique new connector in various single use bioprocessing applications. Refine Technology has partnered with the following companies and regions in Europe: CleanLine Connector ESI – UltraPure in Ireland & the UK ESI – Benelux in The Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg Colly – Flowtech/UltraPure in Sweden, Denmark & Norway Avintos – UltraPure in Switzerland & Austria These are all very successful and well managed companies with an active customer base and experience in the fields of bio-production and single use manufacturing. We are confident in the level of expertise and professionalism that each of these companies brings towards increasing adoption of the CleanLine™ Connector and are looking forward to leveraging the relationships and influence of each company to continue to promote this unique technology into the market. The CleanLine™ 1.5” Single Use Connector is designed for high volume sterile fluid transfers and can be used to provide operational efficiency in many areas of upstream and downstream bioprocessing. As single use bioprocessing has scaled up to 2,000 liters or more there is an increased need to also increase the size of the tubing assemblies needed to move fluid from one process step to another. The CleanLine™ Connector can provide fluid flow rates of up to 290 liters/minute, hold pressures of up to 80 psi or a vacuum of up to 26” Hg. It is a very robust and reliable product that can also work with hybrid stainless steel / single use systems that use standard 1.5” sanitary ports. For more information on the CleanLine™ Connector, Refine Technology or any of our partner distribution companies from the Indutrade Group please visit our website at   Chris Bartlett Business Development Director Refine Technology +1.973.952.0002 ext 302 +1.518.727.6747

Come see us!

Dec 01, 2017

American Society of Cell Biology Meeting Come see us at the American Society of Cell Biology Meeting December 2-6 in Philadelphia, PA.

Announcing BioZed Engineering as Refine Technology’s Newest Distributor in India

Oct 23, 2017

Refine Technology is very pleased to announce BioZed Engineering as its Distribution Partner for India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. BioZed Engineering is based in Mumbai with branch offices in New Delhi and Bangalore providing excellent coverage and support across all of India. BioZed’s strengths in single use technologies and bioreactors make them an ideal partner for Refine Technology because they are able to manage sales and support of the CleanLine™ 1.5″ Single Use Connector and the new CORe™ Mini Bioreactor. India is an important market for Refine Technology to get into because of its growing biopharmaceutical manufacturing and increased adoption of single use technologies as well as the strong research institutions looking for cost effective mini bioreactor options. Refine Technology is looking forward to continuing to build a strong presence in India and working with BioZed Engineering as a new partner. For more information about BioZed Engineering, please visit BioZed Engineering or send them an e-mail at: For more information on Refine Technology, please visit us at: Refine Technology or call / e-mail us at: +1 973.952.0002 ext 302 /

Product Launch for new CORe™ Mini Bioreactor

Sep 21, 2017

Thursday September 21, 2017 Refine Technology is pleased to announce the release of its new CORe™ Mini Bioreactor. The CORe™ Culture Optimization Compact, stand-alone Culture Optimization Reactor system. Reactor is a stand-alone and cost effective bioreactor system that is compact and flexible in design. The convenient on-board controls and touch screen display eliminates the need for a bulky external controller thus saving valuable bench space and facilitating ease of portability. The unit can be operated on a bench, in a laminar flow hood or even on a desk. Data is easily exported via an ethernet connection into common analysis programs. The addition of multiplexing capabilities will be forthcoming. The pre-sterilized single use vessel offers a working capacity of 35-100ml which allows significant savings in media costs without compromising performance. Sensors for temperature, pH and DO are all in wall, minimizing contamination risks and interference from the inserts. The only product contact surface is the impeller and shaft which also contains the sparger allowing for gas additions including O2, CO2, N2 and air. Various impeller and sparger designs may be custom ordered to fit user requirements. The CORe™ Mini Bioreactor includes four pumps with an option of up to eight pumps for flexible media handling. Sampling can be performed from both top and bottom ports which facilitate access to and from the vessel. They also provide a convenient connection to a cell concentration device. It can be configured for batch, fed batch or continuous operation. Please join us on September 26-28 at Biotech Week Boston.  Systems will be on display at booth #1124.

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Semitorr Group to Distribute Refine Technology CleanLine Connector on West Coast

Jul 17, 2017

Pine Brook, NJ – Refine Technology announces distribution arrangements with Semitorr Group for the West Coast and Texas.  Semitorr Group are leaders in high purity gas and liquid transfer for the food, beverage and life sciences markets and carry a very complementary range of products within the single use bioprocessing industry including valves, pumps, manifolds and bags.  With several regional distribution centers, customers can feel secure in fast delivery times and excellent support and service. They have existing relationships with many of the top biopharmaceutical manufacturers on the west coast and Refine Technology feels very confident in Semitorr’s ability to effectively introduce the benefits of more rapid sterile fluid transfer rates with low shear to the West Coast bioprocess market.

Refine Technology, LLC Establishes East Coast Distribution for new 1.5” Single Use Connector

Jul 11, 2017

Refine Technology, LLC Establishes East Coast Distribution for new 1.5” Single Use Connector Company expects to gain traction for single use bioprocessing applications requiring rapid sterile fluid transfer. Assembled CleanLine 1.5″ Single -Use Connector Pine Brook, NJ  – July 11, 2017.  Today, Refine Technology, most known for developing the award winning ATF™ System for cell perfusion, announced distribution arrangements with three companies to help promote and sell its new CleanLine™ 1.5” Single Use Connector on the east coast.  Refine Technology has partnered with Triangle Process Equipment in Wilson, NC, Accuflow Systems in Frederick, MD and Casella Process Systems in Barrington, NH to help develop the market for improved high volume, low shear sterile fluid flow rates in single use bioprocessing. “We are very excited to be working with each of these companies,” said Chris Bartlett, Refine Technology’s Business Development Director. “Each company has unique strengths in the bioprocess and single use bioprocessing market as well as existing relationships with each other. Information and resources are shared along the east coast which is a huge benefit to end users looking for a comprehensive and efficient supply chain.” With flow rates of up to 290 liters/minute, the CleanLine™ 1.5” Single Use Connector was developed to address sterile fluid flow inefficiencies with 2,000 liter or larger single use bags (SUB’s) that are constrained by smaller 1” sterile fluid transfer lines between process steps.  There are many other application areas for this new connector, which was launched in January 2017, including media preparation and transfer, upstream to downstream transfer, sterile waste removal from the process stream, connecting hybrid stainless steel / single use bioreactor systems and any other areas where rapid sterile fluid flow rates with low shear are important. CleanLine 1.5″ Single Use Connector According to Erik Mueller, General Manager of Accuflow Systems, “The Cleanline 1.5” Single Use Connector will enable customers to efficiently transfer large volumes of sterile liquid media and shorten the emptying of large bioprocess bags from what used to take hours to minutes, improving operational efficiencies. The sales teams at Accuflow, Triangle and Casella will be able to offer this unique product across the entire east coast and support Refine by stocking the product at all of our warehouses.” Refine Technology looks to continue expansion of its distribution network across the US and internationally, but views the east coast as a strong cornerstone to help build awareness to this new market for high volume, low shear sterile fluid transfers.   About Refine Technology, LLC, Pine Brook, NJ:  Refine Technology is based in Pine Brook, NJ and was founded in 1999 with a vision to develop and bring to market products in the field of animal cell culture.  Following the successful sale of its award winning ATF™ system for cell perfusion product, Refine Technology has been developing innovative technologies for the bioprocess and cell culture market that address unmet needs and inefficiencies. Refine Technology, LLC currently has several products in its R&D pipeline that are expected to be released later in 2017. ...

New Distributor in Taiwan for Refine Technology

May 10, 2017

Refine Technology is pleased to announce SVC Tubing System Enterprise Co. ( as an authorized distributor of the CleanLine 1.5” single use connector in Taiwan.  SVC distributes a full range of connectors, fittings and hoses to many different industries.  Extensive experience with single use connectors and knowledge of the biopharmaceutical market in Taiwan make SVC Tubing System Enterprise an excellent fit for Refine Technology and we are happy to have them as new partners. SVC Contact Information: SVC Tubing System Enterprise Co. 5F. No.46, Gongjian Rd. Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 22159 Taiwan   Contact:              Henry Chen – Sales Director Email:        Phone:                +886 926 439 723 Website:     

single use efficiency
Are you maximizing single use efficiency?

Apr 19, 2017

Can you get the benefit of single use technology with the reliability typically associated with stainless steel? There are a variety of ways to define efficiency when it comes to bioprocessing. Single use bioreactor bags (SUB’s) provide efficiency in that they do not have to be cleaned and re-sterilized between manufacturing runs whereas hybrid stainless steel systems can provide an efficiency of scale. You can manufacture in much larger volumes using stainless steel.  Whatever you are using, there’s a good chance the decision was made in consideration of gaining some operational efficiency. Many articles have been written about the strengths and weaknesses and the benefits and limitations of using stainless steel, single use or hybrid systems for bioprocessing. Stainless steel technologies have been around for a long time while single use technologies are relatively newer and continue to adapt and evolve. Improvements in capability and scale occur on a regular basis. Whether it be new bioreactor bags, new valves or customized tubing solutions; manufacturers and system integrators work hard to develop unique solutions for their bioprocess customers. While there are some “off the shelf” solutions available, the flexibility of designing more customized systems is one of the strengths of using single use products. They can be designed and built to your specifications using products and materials that you specify regardless of brand or vendor and without an industry defined blueprint for building a bioreactor or component of a bioreactor system.  However, a big challenge to this custom, single use model that has developed is a lack of material and component standardization.  Products and components do not always fit together in simple and effective ways. This can lead to compromises that can adversely affect the efficiency that single use technologies are attempting to create. One area that has largely been overlooked when it comes to single use bioprocessing efficiency is the rate of fluid transfer from one stage of the process chain to another. Single use sterile fluid transfer is often limited to the use of ¾” to 1” hoses. Why is this? It is largely because there has not yet been a reliable way to connect hoses larger than 1” in diameter. Reliability comes into question at larger sizes, higher pressures and higher flow rates. Concerns about single use connector leakage and product failure occur as fluid volume transfers increase and there have not historically been any options at this size. Many large single use bioreactor bags limit their operational efficiency due to smaller than necessary bag ports and transfer tubing. Many stainless steel systems come with a 1.5″ TC port that has to be scaled down due to limitations in single use connector sizing.   This does not have to be the case. As single use bioreactor bags scale up in size to 1,000, 2,000 or even 3,500 liters it is necessary for tubing and connectors to scale up in size accordingly. Otherwise some of the anticipated efficiencies provided by single use are lost. Options are now available to...

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